Time: Monday 15th June, 10:45 – 12:45
Venue: Room John, Widerströmska huset

Are you responsible for your organizatio’n digital marketing? In that case you share a lot of questions with others in your position.

  • Do you know with certainty which digital channels are best for you and your organization’s mission?
  • Are you sure that you and your organization allocate time and budget to the digital channels that provide the best return on your objectives?
  • Do you know what your digital goals are and how best to measure them?

If not, you should come to this workshop and get the answers.

A workshop dedicated to digital strategy and digital marketing

Today online communication has exploded and is about to take over. The growth of the Internet has increased by +570% in 10 years and today there are over 3 billion users online. But the faster something grows the more chance there is of it becoming ‘overgrown’. Therefore Rufus Lidman will dedicate the workshop to talking about why it is important that organizations use a solid digital strategy and how it should be created. He will also give answers to important questions such as why marketers must specify their digital goals, know what channels are best for each goal and how they are best ROI-optimized.

Three well selected cases for a broad spectra of the university community

The workshop will include custom cases for the university community. Participants will start off sitting in small groups with a few relevant cases, which afterwards will be discussed en masse.

Learn more about strategic work in digital channels

Are you interested in knowing more about how digital marketing benefits your university? In that case you should visit this workshop and get inspiration on how to become successful in setting guidelines for the strategic work in digital channels.

Speaker: Rufus LidmanRufus Lidman