Carl Johan Sundberg
Karolinska Institutet

Carl Johan is a licensed physician and professor at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at Karolinska Institutet where his research is focused on the relations between physical activity and genetics, genomics and epigenetics in humans. He co-leads the Unit for Bioentrepreneurship where research and education within innovation, management, entrepreneurship and intellectual property is conducted. He has created and directed several courses and programmes, e.g. Medicine for Journalists, Popular Science Communication, Master in Bioentrepreneurship, Effective Advocacy and Medicine for Decision Makers.

In 2005, he received a Certificate of Commendation for Communication in the Life Sciences from European Molecular Biology Organisation and the European Commission’s Descartes Communication Prize for Excellence in Science Communication. Carl Johan was for a decade the vice-president of Euroscience and the initiator of Euroscience Open Forum, a large (~4500 participants) biennial international general science meeting on science, technology, business and science communication, to be held next in Manchester in 2016. Carl Johan has authored text books in biology for 12-19 year-olds and popular science books on the biology of physical activity

He is an elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and has served as member or chairman of numerous academic and industry boards, e.g. president Swedish Society for Sports Medicine, member of the International Olympic Committee´s Medical Commission, Inspektor (guardian) for the Medical Student’s association) and chair of Research!Sweden – an independent advocacy foundation for medical research.

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