Photo: Gamla stan by Daniel Sjöström (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Photo: Gamla stan by Daniel Sjöström (CC BY-SA 2.0

Sunday 13:00 – 15:45. All excursions depart from Nordic Light Hotel and Elite Palace at the specified departure times.

  • We strongly recommend all participant at the excursions to use the collective shuttle service. Please advise the NUASkom secrateriat if you will not be able to use the shuttle service to the excursions.

Guided walk in Gamla Stan, the Old Town of Stockholm – which is over 750 years old. Among cobbled stones and narrow streets you will enjoy the beautiful buildings and squares, numerous shops and cafées.

In the Old Town you find many historial buildings such as the Royal Palace, the Royal Treasury, the Nobel Museum and the Coronation Church. Inside visit will be made to the Coronation Church also named the Great Church – this is where the crown princess Viktoria got married in 2010.