Time: Monday 15th June, 10:45 – 12:45
Venue: Room Wangari, Widerströmska huset

This session is a joint presentation by Asa Ankarcrona, Head of Communications, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and Tom Wright, Digital Engagement Manager, The University of Nottingham, UK.

Using social media to engage prospective and current students

Digital channels can be used effectively as part of a wider marketing communications student recruitment and engagement strategy without agency input. At Nottingham, we’ve used student-generated content across a range of channels, including video, blogs and social media to promote the student experience to prospective students and to engage with current students. This approach is not only low cost but also authentic and very effective.

Other tactics we have employed include the use of targeted paid promotion via social channels for international student recruitment, working closely with students to manage official University social media accounts and using 6 second Vine videos to get key information across to new students.

The challenge of attracting young people’s attention

Since the introduction of tuition fees in several Nordic countries the challenge has increased in reaching prospective students. Coming from a technical university with international ambitions we have three major challenges at KTH: attracting fee paying students internationally, attracting female students and explaining what engineers do after exams. How can you use role models as tool for engagement and how do you go from big attention numbers to behavioral change?

Speaker: Åsa Ankarcrona
Åsa Ankarcrona
Speaker: Tom Wright
Tom Wright