Time: Monday 15th June, 10:45 – 12:45
Venue: Skrivsalen

In this shared-session, former NRK journalist, Marion Solheim, will explain how she turned PR-pessimist Lars A. Akslen into a “go-to source” for media while maintaining his credibility as a well-respected academic and cancer researcher. Candace Smith will build on Solheim’s success story, explaining how university communicators can scale-up their media relations, PR, and communications efforts to align with university goals and institutional priorities.

Following the presentations, Solheim will interview Candace on a myriad of topics including: breaking through the U.S. media landscape, international media relations for universities, and the importance of media training for university researchers and administrators. The session will end with questions from the audience.

Speaker: Marion Solheim
Marion Solheim
Speaker: Lars A. Akslen
Lars A. Akslen
Speaker: Candace Smith
Candace Smith