Time: Tuesday 16th June, 10:30 – 12:30
Venue: Room Wangari, Widerströmska huset

The role of the communications director differs greatly between universities. Some of us have an obvious seat at the table where university-level decisions are made, yet some of us still have to defend our existence – especially to internal stakeholders.

When a crisis hits, some of us have to read about internal affairs in the external media. Then again, for some, internal communications is a mere function of relaying news and information planned by someone else without any thought to strategy.

The purpose of this peer-to-peer session is to discuss and exchange experiences of internal communication and whether there should be a communications strategy for it. We will also discuss best practices for proactive communication in times of turbulence and ways to strengthen the role of communications in strategic discussions.

Speaker: Nina Olin
Nina Olin
Speaker: Candace SmithCandace Smith