Time: Monday 15th June, 09:15 – 10:15
Venue: Aula Medica

Hans Rosling has, in recent years, very successfully spread knowledge about world development around the globe. He personally believes that his success is due to his dedication to imparting knowledge about the major global changes. Knowledge of these changes comes primarily from official statistics and secondarily from many different studies and research findings, carried out by other researchers at other universities.

Not many scientists manage to communicate their research to the public and to decision makers in a way that is actually useful for them, he says. The question is whether individual researchers and universities are at all suited to imparting knowledge acquired through their own operations. Both universities and individual researchers are biased towards the results of their own research. Best placed to disseminate new knowledge and new research are those who are independent of the research groups and universities from where individual results have been produced.

Formerly there existed something called “the nation formation” or in Swedish “folkbildningen”. The goal was to offer the public the knowledge they needed, or alternatively provide a knowledge base that would give the decision maker a basis for the decisions they must make.

Rosling’s opinion is that the goal of research communication today often involves trying to improve the individual university’s brand or to help a research team to get more grants. Over the last 10 years that he has been working with public education about global development, Rosling has almost never mentioned the results of any of the numerous articles he has published, in total almost one hundred.

– Maybe that’s why I have been so successful? he concludes.

In conjunction with the lecture there will be a unique opportunity to discuss research communication with Hans Rosling. Professor Carl Johan Sundberg will start off the discussion following Rosling’s speech, the audience are encouraged to take part in the discussion. Former news anchor Katja Kannonlahti will moderate.

Speaker: Hans RoslingHans Rosling. Photo: Jörgen Hildebrand