Time: Monday 15th June, 14:00 – 16:15
Venue: Room 205, Kvinnors och barns hälsa

In 2008 Hanken School of Economics introduced a new visual identity that was to be applied in all communications channels, ranging from print media to digital channels. A common identity can provide a strong message to stakeholder groups and create a sense of order in the communication. However, adopting and implementing a common visual identity does not happen by itself and it takes time. It requires continuous internal communication, a service-minded attitude, an ability to stand firm combined with a willingness to be flexible.

In this circus session, Nina Olin and Hanna Donner from Hanken School of Economics will present the process of creating the new visual identity and how they have gone about implementing it. Nina and Hanna will also discuss pros and strengths in the work for a common identity as well as cons and challenges.

This session is aimed at all communicators and marketers who work with creating and implementing visual identities.

Speaker: Nina OlinNina Olin Speaker: Hanna DonnerHanna Donner