Time: Monday 15th June, 14:00 – 16:15
Venue: Room 311, Kvinnors och barns hälsa

Society’s demand for research-based knowledge is huge and the mass media is where most people get information about research. Journalists also look for scientists who can explain and comment.

To promote the value and importance of getting involved in media activities, the research councils Formas and Forte, the Swedish Research Council and VINNOVA in collaboration with the non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science) and a number of universities, have been organising media seminars for scientists since 2013.

Reporters and news and science editors provide an introduction to newsworthiness and how the media works. Researchers with vast media relations experience share good advice with their colleagues and university press officers explain the support they can provide prior to meetings with the media. The aim of the seminars is to facilitate collaboration between scientists, journalists and university communication officers.

Anna Maria Fleetwood, Senior Advisor External Relations at the Swedish Research Council and Cissi Askwall, Secretary General of VA (Public & Science), explain the seminar format and experiences to date, as well as the arguments for encouraging researchers to share their results and expertise through the media.

Speaker: Anna Maria Fleetwood
Speaker: Cissi Askwall