Time: Monday 15th June, 14:00 – 16:15
Venue: Room 212, Kvinnors och barns hälsa

The EU emphasises the importance of a broad and open communication about the research they are funding. But EU-funded researchers often feel lost in the world of communication outside the scientific society, and many of them don’t have the resources, the skills or perhaps the true understanding of the importance and impact of communication (targeting a lay audience).

In the EU-funded project CommHERE, a network of science communicators offered communication support to research groups and educated them in the tools and the impact of communication. The CommHERE project ran for three years 2011-2014, it included nine European research institutions in medicine as partners, and managed a budget of 2 million EUR.

In this session Ulla Bredberg will describe:

  • How we increased the quantity and quality of communication
  • What we learnt about research and science communication on a European level
  • What we, the nine partner institutions, have gained from the project
  • How all individuals participating in the project have grown in our professional roles

Speaker: Ulla Bredberg
Ulla Bredberg Foto: Camilla Svensk